The riveting conclusion to the Blood Martyr series!

It’s time to pay the piper. Tanith owes the demon Seir, and he’s come to collect his due.

But being owned by a demon lord is the least of her worries.

A failed coup has left an open spot in the vampiric governing party of Centennial City. Impulsively, Tanith volunteers her services, never knowing just what kind of burden she has taken onto her shoulders.

Following a series of hate crimes against non-humans and retaliation by the preternatural community, violence and blood rolls through the streets of Centennial City, pitting neighbor against neighbor, brother against sister, husband against wife.

As chaos and anarchy approaches on the horizon, Tan finds something Seir would pay dearly to possess: Akira Sakamoto’s book of demons, one that would allow an individual untold powers over the denizens of hell…including her demon overlord.

He offers her a deal for the book: a way to save the town she’s come to love or her best friend’s soul.


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