It might be today!

So it’s a few minutes after ten and I’m sipping on my first cup of the coffee for the day. I’m surprised I woke up at 7-8, considering I didn’t actually go to sleep until around 2 or so. So, it’s good I got most of my social media crap finished so I can get to the writing work for the day. Canceled my classes for today, because I got a good feeling today and I think today might be a great day for my writing. Have to go get my bike checked later today, but aside from that, I’m definitely going to get at least 4-5 hours of writing today. Would love to hit 6 hours, but quite frankly, I think after a few hours of writing, my brain just kind of checks out.

I’m going to get some breakfast and then probably start writing at around noon, break around 3 for an hour or so, and then get another 3 hours of writing. So…six hours of writing. Here’s to hoping I can pull it off.