Don’t be an outlet hog

Well…I’m definitely feeling the effects of sleeping less than six hours last night. Okay, this morning, but you get the idea. I’m on my second cup of caffeine so far, and I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t just go back home and catch a few winks before I have that class at 7.

On the other hand, it is just one class, just one hour, but then I have to hit the gym after that. Ugh. So tired.
Just looked out the window of Panini and saw a bunch of foreign students who look like candidates for Hobo of the Year. No wonder most Chinese people think expats are all hairy devils…most of these guys look like they don’t even know what a razor is used for. Speaking of which, I need to pick up some clippers from Taobao and attack David while he’s sleeping or something because the beard is…uuuhhhh.
It’s about 15 minutes before 1, so I’m hoping to get about 2 hours of writing, from 1 to 3. Was hoping to get my writing done early at Starbucks on Gudang, but there were no open electric outlets amd some totally inconsiderate twit was using two outlets for two of her devices.
Teaches me to leave that crap at home. I mean, usually I have it, but I forgot it this morning. So, I stopped off at the story, picked up a small extension cord (I mean, if you’re a dedicated laptop user who frequents coffee shops, you should carry one regardless, just as a courtesy to other coffee+laptop guests.), and decided to hit up the string of indie coffee shops, which turned out, for the most part, to be quite empty so I didn’t have to buy the extension cord, anyways. Oh well. It’s smaller than the one I usually use, so maybe I’ll just keep that one at home and use the new one for my outside writing excursions.
Anyways, if I ever have to come back down here, I’ll probably hit this same place again, because God knows Starbucks doesn’t need my money and anyways, I’m always for rooting for the under-dog anyways. Besides, I just threw away a perfectly expensive green tea latte from SB because they always make it too damn sweet. ICK.
Right. Enough babbling. I’m going to start writing in a few minutes so that’s enough from me. See you tomorrow.