Fuck dinner!

Ugh, took a two hour nap and now I feel all numb and icky from the inside out. Like my head is two sizes too big for my body, or something like that. Anyways…

So, I told Stella that I wasn’t going to take any new classes in August, but I’m still going to teach my Sunday classes. Which, effectively clears out the rest of my work for that month. There’s a lot of work that can get done in that month. I still need to finish edits for Asura Night, which I should really get a handle on ┬ástarting tomorrow.
Planted the shiso leaves on the veranda today. We’ll see what comes up.
So, yesterday, I didn’t get a whole lot written, no one’s fault but mine.
Tomorrow, I’ve got a class from 8:30-9:30 and then another one at 9:40 to 11:10…or something like that. Now that Amanda’s going back home, I have to get back to teaching Cindy and Daisy everyday. Sigh. Teaching is really not my forte, but since I only spend a few hours of writing a day (if that) I need to stop complaining and do something to change my situation, if I really hate teaching that much.
Shit, forgot, I also have another class tomorrow night from 7 to 8. Grr. Luckily, I think it’s the last KB2-3 class for the semester, so there’ll be none of that until the fall semester starts back up again, probably early September.
Kind of get the feeling that if I don’t plot out my writing times in advance, I won’t get to them at all. So, here’s an experiment: I’ve plotted out in advance my writing times for the next few days, according to my work schedule, in hopes that they’ll get me to the computer, like a work schedule…
I’ve got to get to work on that cover for Nicole. Should be pretty easy peasy since I’ve already got all the basic files and it’s basically just pasting on a different model with some changes to font and color scheme…
But for now, I’ve got some writing to do. Starting in three minutes and going to go until 10, because, you know, fuck dinner.