Don’t forget to relax too.

Yay, okay, so I didn’t fall asleep today. Laid down in bed and listened to Markiplier videos while playing some Tomodachi Life and Animal Crossing, and then got up to do the dishes like I promised KT, made some coffee, and now I’m here. I’m about half an hour behind schedule, but I took out ample time for dinner, so I think I’m okay.

Going to try to get three hours of writing down, which roughly translates into 6 Pomodoros. I got four yesterday, so I know I can do a little more. Really, the only thing keeping me from pumping out 10k a day, which I could do in 5 hours is…nothing. Just my inherent laziness, I guess.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a similar schedule as tonight, since I’ll be meeting with the girls tomorrow night for some english and dinner, and then on Friday night, I’m going to participate in this JP Language corner thing that Lewis organized.

But I get Saturday off, so here’s to hoping I can make that a 10k, because I really, really, really need to get this book finished!