Coffee makes a bad breakfast

So, it’s about half an hour before noon on a Sunday and I’ve only got one class from 3:30 to 5 at Stella’s, so I’m hoping I can spend at least a few hours doing some writing work.

Haven’t had breakfast yet, just getting down some coffee before I dive into the day’s writing. I’m probably going to do two pomos before I break for some lunch (because let’s face it, this coffee is probably going to be my breakfast) and then it’ll be around 2-ish…could probably do 2 more Pomos, before I have to take a shower and leave at 3:15 to get to my class.

Then I’ll be back around 5:15, and I’ll probably want to eat some dinner, answer some non-writing emails, mostly to Jonte and Nicole re: her covers, and get ready to do some more writing at 7 to maybe 9 or 10. It’s hard for me to stay up too late, especially since I have to get up at 7 and lately, it’s been hard for me to get some decent sleep, what with the AC in the bedroom having gone completely kaput.

Probably start at 11:45, do my Pomos until 12:45, eat lunch and take a shower, then get another 2 Pomos at 2. Yeah.

Also, haven’t made any progress on Witcher 3. Need to get on that tomorrow. An hour a day can’t be bad, right?