Leaving this Podunk Town…for an even more Podunk Town

Whelp..I think things may finally be happening. David wants to move into the new place within the next week. The only things stopping us from moving right away I guess would be the recommendation letters from Mr. Li and Alex, the things we knew were going to be difficult to obtain, because neither of them want David to leave, each of them for different reasons that ultimately lead to the same outcome and actions. Today, David is supposed to go see Alex and then tell Mr. Li for the last time “NO” and I guess…once we get the letters, things should be okay. I’m talking with Ryann from the school right now, and she’s like “We have training on the 10 and 11th so maybe move on the 7th?”

Which sounded possible, until I checked the calender on my computer and saw that the 7th is tomorrow, holy wtf Batman. :O That’s a little too soon, but still, I’ll see what David has to say. He’s still sleeping, but I think I’m going to go upstairs and see how he’s doing. I’ve got to dry out my house slippers anyways. BRB.

Nope, he’s still sleeping. Speaking of which, I’ve got some questions to ask on HE, brb, again!

Okay, questions asked, questions answered, still a bit feeling off kilter about the whole thing. Thinking about it, the documents she wants is not that difficult to obtain, I guess it were just as easy as going to the PSB and saying, hey, change the employer in my profile, but I guess just going there’s kind of a task and a half. Whatever. I’m going to let David handle it.

Mostly, I’m going to try to get Ryann on my side, so I invited to take her out some time. Besides, it will be nice to have someone to send silly emoticons to when I get bored, I suppose. Still, I haven’t had friends for a long time and I think I’m doing okay.

Okay, so today, I’m going to edit ASURA NIGHT because technically, it’s supposed to be out by the 12th…LOOOOL. OMGAH…can it happen?

Here’s what I need to do:

  • Write a chapter breakdown for each chapter
  • Write every major event and start hunting for plot holes
  • I don’t…think there are, but then again, maybe there are. I have to admit, I am pretty nervous, but I think I can do it.

I’d like to get two Pomos for DMR, but we’ll see.