Getting Propositioned on Fiverr

Well, I managed to wake up at 6 in the morning, just like how I set my alarm. Okay, so I didn’t immediately bound out of bed, but I did struggle out after about five minutes of checking the messages on my phone, mostly on fiverr and facebook. So…yay!
Made myself some coffee and I think I’ll be able to get some more words down at 7, so another…yay
(trying to find the most recently updated version of Asura Night…pretty sure I had up to chapter three edited, but can’t seem to find it. Still have, like, 20 different versions of the same file to shift through, though)
(also, in other news, I think I want to call the 5th Tan book, Wake the Night. I seriously need to write a book with that damned title)
I’ve decided to look for editors on fiverr. The editing costs are very affordable, and I kind of wished I’d thought to get an editor for THE HANDSOME DEVIL on then as the editing costs would’ve been 50% cheaper, but meh, whatever. I do like Megan Kelly’s editing style, and I have yet to see exactly what kind of editing/proofreading I’m going to get from fiverr, so we’ll see. I’m supposed to get the samples back tomorrow or around there, so again, we’ll see.
so…let’s see…what projects have I finished, first draft wise and need an editor/heavy revisions?

Is that really all? I keep feeling like there ought to be at least one more manuscript I finished writing but damned if I can remember it. Wait. Let me check my project list. Thank you, Evernote. I never knew what I was missing until I got you. You are indeed my accordion folder.

Hm…according to my list, those are the only two that need editors. Maybe it’s because I keep thinking of THE HANDSOME DEVIL, but that already has an editor, so…hrm hrm.

Anyways, yeah. Looking for editors for RAZING HELL at this point, since I’ve got two people I’ll looking at for ASURA NIGHT. I posted up a gig request on Fiverr and I got a bunch of desperation-tinged emails from random people who seem like they have no right doing any kind of editing, if one were to ascertain their editing chops from their messages. Told David a lot of the messages made me feel like I was being propositioned by old hookers, LOOOOL (no offense to elderly hookers or editors on Fiverr).

Tonight is the Thanksgiving Dinner, sponsored by the school, so I rescheduled tonight’s class for Saturday. I feel bad, but jebus, it’s been a while since I’ve had turkey with all the trimmings. If they don’t have cranberry sauce, I am going to be stupidly sad. David asked me to make mashed potatoes. so that’s something I’ll have to go shopping for sometime later today. Ideally, I’d like to get my 5k finished before then, but we’ll see. Still, yesterday, I got 4k written, although it’s not so much the word count that matters(since I overwrite anyways) but how many plot points I managed to cover. I didn’t get to as many as I wanted, but I think I did well enough, considering in the past I just kept writing and writing, just to fill my word count quota. Editing DARK MOON RISING is going to be a bitch, but it’s also my most ambitious project to date, so this’ll be interesting, at the very least.

Right. So. I need an editor for Razing Hell. But before I do that, I need to check the manuscript, writing out a plot skeleton, because somewhere halfway through the story, something just doesn’t click. I need to redo the plot, I think, so maybe I should look for grabbing an editor sometime next week.

I’ve started a new work calender, just for my writing, so I’m going to need to hammer out some dates for my future releases and take a really good look on what I want to work on after DARK MOON RISING. I do know that I want to take at least a month’s break from DMR, although I’m not entirely sure if that’s a good idea, as chances are, I’ll probably jump straight into another series, and it’s never a good idea to write 2 series concurrently, especially when they don’t even take place in the same universe. I’m afraid my books will start to read the same and that scares the bloody hell out of me.

ASURA NIGHT is probably the 1st book in 3 (I think, omg) and RAZING HELL…I have no effing idea. I know I don’t want it to be long, like the Blood Martyr series, but again, I have no idea, eek.

/sigh. so many books to write, so little time. I know for a fact I’m probably going to die before I write out all my WIPs and ideas in my writing folder.

God, that’s depressing.