Unhealthy American Food is the Best!

Well…here I go again. Got back from the trip to LA, spent that horrid day transiting through Chinese airports. Spent all of Thursday recovering and yesterday, I managed to get some house cleaning stuff done, as well as moved my workspace downstairs, in anticipation of the heat. It’ll be hot as Hades upstairs, but downstairs, it’ll be cool, so hopefully I’ll be comfortable for the duration we’ll be here. Ironically, I won’t even be here for most of the heat: I plan on being gone from 6/24 to 8/3 being in Chicago and then I’ll probably be in Taiwan from 8/15 to the 19th. So, clearly, during the summer I’m going to have to be really careful of keeping a few hours to myself to write. Don’t think it’ll be that hard, but it’s easy to get distracted. I’m still wondering if I should help out at the convention in July.
Right. As far as writing goes…well, I’m on my second cup of coffee, with no internet (entirely not by intention, argh) and trying to tell myself that THD #2 isn’t a total mess. Megan has been kind of brusque with me and I can’t help but feel like maybe it was her work on THD edits that made her feel a little cold to me? Dunno, maybe I’m just going nuts. Still feeling a little weirded out from travel. Man, I am a weakling. Something I’m hoping to change. I also need to remember to bring up the nighttime walks at the Children’s Park starting tonight with Dave.
I need to quit procrastinating with editing. But it is kind of painful to look at it and realize that actually, I’m not a very good writer at all. I need to go back and start reading again. I really need to put time aside to read at least an hour a day. Maybe I’ll start today. Most importantly, I need to get the internet reinstalled in the house. Like an idiot, I accidentally pressed the reset button when all I wanted to was power cycle the damn thing.
Got one class today, at 1PM. I managed to foist off the Tuesday afternoon class to Beka so that’s one less thing I have to worry about, woohoo. I don’t care so much about the money, as much as my stress levels. So, I’ll be taking a 350rmb (about 50 USD, give or take a few bucks) dock to my weekly pay, but it’ll be worth it, I think.
I am slowly trying to wean myself off sugar. I don’t particularly mind fat as long as I can avoid table sugar. Let’s see how far this goes. I’d like to lose about ten pounds in the next two months, before we get to Chicago, so I can gain it all back by eating all that unhealthy American food.
David’s going to Shanghai to get his passport renewed this Friday. It’ll take about two weeks for his passport to get back from the States, so I’ll probably book our tickets the second week of April. As it looks right now, I can get a roundtrip ticket from Shanghai to ORD via United Airlines from 6/24-8/3 for around $850. Thankfully, United now accepts Alipay as payment, so hopefully the price won’t change that much when we buy it in April. 850 x 2 = 1700 usd = a little more than 11,000 rmb, which David’s salary for April more than covers. Then, we’ll save up (fingers crossed) all of May. June and July which is roughly around 15000 x 3 = 45000rmb which is about 7k USD. If we can save all of that, I will make it my best effort that we only spend and hopefully save my teaching income. I estimate there’s about 9 more weeks for me as far as teaching goes, so 9 x 1750 = 15750 rmb which is about 2.5K USD. It would be great if we could spend 1k in the next two months and then spend the remaining 1.5k during our 1.5 month stay in the States. I’ll have to talk to David about that. 3k in a month is pretty tough, for us, I think. 3k a month equals about 750 rmb a week, and that includes groceries and other entertainment. I’d really like to see if something like this is possible. I’ll have to talk it over with David. Also, I agreed with Beka that I’d pay her 100 rmb a day to live in our house and take care of the cats, so that’s about 4k rmb that I’ve got to pay out of my own pocket. Hmmm…maybe I need to talk to Beka and try to figure this out again.
I’m trying to think about our major expenses when we’re in the States. Obviously, picking up groceries will be important since after this summer the next time we go back to Chicago will likely be the next year. So, that’ll be maybe 4 bottles of protein powder (I need to ask Steph if she can hook us up with some discounts)…and maybe some barbecue sauce, but really everything else we can get on Taobao. I’m sure our next big expenditure will be eating out, although I’ll do my best to eat with the family. There’s not much I want to do in Chicago, nothing that would cost a lot of money, anyways. Honestly, it’s not like there’s anything to do in Chicago, anyways, loool. The most important thing I want to do the remaining year is to basically write a book every month. Which…I should really be doing right now, as a matter of fact, arggghhh.
This month, I want to finish writing Her Master’s Mistress #2. I’ve decided to cut out all the dross and just focus on the sexy parts. I really need to re-read The Countess Trilogy and figure out how it’s all done. When it’s all said and done, I’m not really sure if I’m an erotica writer. I just enjoy the happy ending and plus, there’s always violence that always seem to make their way into my stories. Erotica and violence doesn’t seem to work out…unless you’re Katie. Which reminds me, I need to email her. I really need to work hard not to burn my bridges. I want to maintain what friendships I can. Writing is, after all, very lonely work.
So…things that I want to do today:
  • 1. Pot some kitty grass
  • 2. Go to work at 1PM
  • 3. Clean the living room
  • 4. Clean the porch
  • 5. Figure out my schedule for the next few weeks
  • 6. Get a meal plan going for the next week
  • 7. Go find the internet company
  • 8. Write 2-3k of HMM #2
  • 9. Figure out how to send the game to San
Wow, busy day today, lol.
Okay, that’s enough talking. It’s already half past eight. I should probably get productive, to make up for the lack of really anything productive since Thursday, woooooo.