Fuck-All Sundays are Fucking Awesome

Didn’t get any writing done.
On the other hand, today IS Sunday and I did pretty much promise myself that I would designate Sundays as Fuck-All days. On the other, other hand, I have writing work piled up to my ears. I thought I’d get SOME kind of writing done while I was in LA. Boy, was I wrong. I was at that tour for a week and the total days of our trip was only less than two weeks (wtf did I just write?). I spent a few days trying to get used to jet lag and the time difference and the few days when we got back from the tour, I was recovering from how tiring the whole damn thing had been. I mean, waking up at the brink of dawn (sometimes even when it was still dark out), getting breakfast, sitting in a bus for a few hours, getting lunch, going back to the bus for a few hours, dinner, sleep, repeat for the next week…whew. I told Mom I was never going to do the damn thing again. Especially with old Korean ladies. Jesus, they are obnoxious. I thought they were better than Chinese people, but I WAS SO WRONG.
Speaking of which, I reserved our tickets. Well, reserved to buy them. I need to talk to David and see if we can somehow manage to leave on Thursday since the tickets are much cheaper on that day.
I finished my weekly meal plan yesterday and I’ll probably go do some basic shopping today, while I’m out trying to locate the internet company so we know who to call to get our internet running again. I had cereal at 6, and I’m drinking some coffee right now, so I am hoping I can hold out until lunch time. I’ll probably get out at nine, so I’ll probably have a sandwich for lunch. Dinner…will…I dunno. I ordered some kimchi last night so if it ships today, I’m hoping to get it by Tuesday, at the latest.
I’ve been thinking really hard about how I want to continue my writing career. There’s so many different things I want to write, but I just don’t have enough time. Or maybe I would if I didn’t procrastinate so damn much. Speaking of which, I’ve got to put together that damn cat tree that I ordered almost two months ago. ┬áProbably going to put it downstairs, since we already have a small one upstairs. I’ve actually forgotten what the cat tree looks like, LOOOOL. That’s going to be fun to try to decipher. Here’s to hoping the company actually put in an instruction sheet, unlike some other cheap furniture I’ve ordered off Taobao.
Anyways, back to what I want to do with my writing career. I think I’m going to keep Jaelyn Kino. I do think historical erotic romances are very interesting to read, but I’m not ready to give up on Fionn Jameson just yet. I will probably need another pen name for my YA books. Ick. I’d love to release something in the YA genre in the latter half of the year. Mostly, right now, I’m just thinking about the number of series I have yet to complete: Blood Martyr, Her Master’s Mistress, The Immortals, Centennial City, Kissing the Boss…oh my jesus god. Clearly, I have an issue with writing stand alones. Granted, I have heard that series..s (?) do sell better and I tend to prefer series characters, because I think their development needs more than 80k to fully flesh out. Or something like that.
So, I guess what I want to say is…I would like to get some writing done later today. Nothing big. Even if I just get down 1k a day, I’ll be happy with that. I need to go back to maintaining the writing spreadsheet I got from Sidney.
So…today’s task for the day is:
  1. Go grocery shopping (nothing big, just some veggies)
  2. Find the internet company
  3. Write 1k of HMM #2
  4. Read for an hour
  5. Play DA:I for an hour
  6. Help David clean the porch
  7. Tidy up the house
  8. Build the cat tree
  9. Organize the coat rack behind me
  10. Clean the spare bedroom
  11. Text Ruby and figure out how to fix the internet
Wow. For a Fuck-All Sunday, I sure have a lot of things to do on my to-do list for the day.
And I will get to it. Just as soon as I finish this cup of coffee.