Fuck-All the Entire Week…not such a good idea

Well…yesterday was definitely Fuck-All Sunday. I need to be careful that this doesn’t turn into Fuck-all the whole rest of the week. Although, I did read a historical erotic romance so I consider that my work for the day. I really need to read more. Maybe I’ll get back into reading children’s books for now and then slowly transition into the adult section.
Still having problems with my sleeping schedule. Much as I love sleeping with something playing in the background, I think it is severely limiting my sleep. However, I can’t sleep with David because the room gets stuffy and that’ll wake me up and make me all sweaty and gross. What we need to do is get a screen installed on the window so we can open the window without letting in any mosquitoes. I should look into this.
The house is semi-tidy. I still need to clean up the spare bedroom, do as much laundry as I can, but I’ll leave the heavy stuff for the ayi coming tomorrow. I really like the cleaning lady, but I hate that I’m always super careful because of Mika. Gizmo and Bmo, they’re fine, but after Mika scratched the lady, I’m super leery.
The weather is still crappy as hell. But it’s not hellishly hot, so that’s good, right?
Today, I want to get into writing HMM #2. Now that I read His something-something debutante, I have a better idea of how to write the next chapter. I guess I want to introduce a threesome at this point, but I do want to stress their happily ever after. Sure, this won’t be certain aka nailed down until the third book, but that’s my goal for this week, start and finish the second book.
Meanwhile, I’ve got to figure out how to edit THD #2. Honestly, it just kind of painful to even think about it, but I guess I don’t have much of a choice. Today, I’ll try to make an editing checklist. It’ll suck, but nothing’s that easy.
Got one class to teach today. Actually, I’ve got one class to teach pretty much every day. I’m glad I got Beka to take the Tuesday class. Teaching is hard without an assistant. I miss Linda, bah.
Yesterday’s dinner was a bust. We went to the Chinese-Korean place and left hungry, something that has never been a problem before. I had half a bowl of wontons. I dunno how that fucks up my diet, but then again, my weekly meal plan starts today. I think I’m going to have two fried eggs for breakfast, around eight-ish. I’m thinking 400 calories per meal, but dude, 1200 calories a day is HAAAAARRRRDDDD. If I can manage to hit 1.2k calories three days in a row, it’ll be a fucking miracle.
For breakfast, I’m thinking 2 fried eggs with some ketchup and a piece of toast. For lunch, is an open-faced ham/egg sandwich and then for dinner, which I’ll eat before I go, so around 5, will be Korean food. And then I’m going to try to be in bed by nine-thirty and asleep by ten. Wake up at 5 and start everything all over again, whew.
I need to figure out if we are going to Shanghai via train or bus.
Okay, after I have this cup of coffee, I’m going to make my eggs/toast, eat it and then it’s off to writing I go, tally-ho.