Just order some KFC, wtf

Woke up at four in the morning again. Felt like it was…okay? I’m not entirely sure when I fell asleep exactly, maybe 10…ish? Either way, being able to sleep straight until 6 in the morning would be fucking awesome.
Yesterday wasn’t necessarily a Fuck-All day. Wrote over 2k, read half of The Sweetest Dark by Shana Abe (Wow, she makes me feel like such a newb), taught my hardest class, and ate under my caloric recommendation. Although, the last one isn’t actually a good thing since I’m limited to a 1.2k calories a day and 1.2 is the absolute minimum a human can consume and not have their metabolism tank. I’m pretty sure my metabolism is pretty shite anyways, considering how the smallest things just wear me the fuck out now. There were old women in that tour group back in April that had more fizz than I did.
I need to work up my endurance…
Anyways, I really thought I was going to be super hungry yesterday, considering what I ate, but the big meal of the day which was the janchi guksu was actually probably what kept me going until I had some…I don’t even remember what I had for dinner. I don’t think I had any dinner, actually. I just had a little pineapple and that was enough for me, it seems. Also, no sugar, otherwise what was found in the ketchup I had with my eggs yesterday, woo! Oh yeah. And the pineapple I ate. But not additional table sugar, woo hoo!
Today, I do plan on meeting my meal plan…which did not happen yesterday.
Today’s meal is as follows:
Breakfast – Cereal and skim milk
Lunch – Ham and cheese sandwich with tomato and lettuce. I need to pick up a loaf of bread…crap, won’t have time until after three. Maybe I’ll switch up my dinner and lunch.
Dinner – Roasted chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and sauteed greens.
Snacks – coffee, pineapple, cucumber
Or I can just order KFC. LOOOOOOL.
The ayi is coming in a little bit and supposedly internet repair-folk are making an appearance as well. Having internet is certainly a boon, but not having it on this computer hasn’t been the worst thing actually. Still, I’ll be glad when I get it. I’ll have to make sure to restrict my web surfing to an hour a day or whatever. I really honestly think an hour is more than enough time for me.
Today…is pretty much the same as yesterday. I want to finish reading The Sweetest Dark, write another 2k of HMM #2 and eat well. I have another class at 6:30, but the hard work is done for this week, woo. Again, really relieved to give the early Tuesday class to Beka. I have to meet Beka at 3 to hand her the key, so I’ll probably go and get a copy made before I meet her, so I can still keep my key and she can have her own.
So, goals for today are:
  1. Finish reading The Sweetest Dark
  2. Write 2.5k of HMM #2
  3. Pick up a loaf of bread
  4. Do two loads of laundry
  5. Teach
I think that’s it for today. Seems a little light. Hmmm…