You can’t win them all

Well, yesterday was fail, in every meaning of the word. Didn’t write, barely taught, ate over 500 calories over my limit…ick ick ick. This morning, also, I woke up at 3.
This time I decided that I wasn’t going to sleep it until 8 or 9, and I got up at 5 to clear out my email box and whatnot.
Today, I don’t want to do much except for:
  1. Write 2k
  2. Do half an hour of yoga
  3. Eat right
I’m not sure what’s for lunch. I kind of want to do mandoo dukgook, but I’m not sure what the calories are on that. I’d be using the ready-made beef broth I bought a few days ago and god only knows what’s in that particular package. I’m also getting my relish today, so maybe I’ll have an open faced tuna sandwich?
Yeah, so much for my weekly dining plan, LOOOL.