Being Productive

So…today is starting out okay. Woke up a little late, mostly because I was up in the middle of the night because BMO got stuck behind the air conditioning unit, but other than that and getting up a little later than I wanted, 8-ish, I think today is headed off to a good start.
Did some social media, had some coffee and a breakfast shake and then went to the gym. Did my workout, came home and had some good low-carb lunch and had watermelon as a snack. I’m going to get this journal done and then try to hit 2k before I have to go to work at 6:00. Got the bluetooth headset for David, so that’ll be something I’ll look forward to giving him. Also got my new 3DS, so now I don’t have to play the jacked up blue one with power issues. So, after I write this, I’m going to write 500 words, hang up laundry as a break and then come back to write another 1.5k before I go to work. I can write about 500 words every 10 minutes, so I think I can get down 1.5k in about an hour of concentrated work. 3 sessions of 500 words at 10 minutes…technically, I guess it’s 30 more minutes. Yikes. That doesn’t look right. Is it?
I’m a little worried about going to Chicago next week. It’ll be the longest I’ve been away from the cats and even though Beka is going to be housesitting, I’m still just a little nervous. I guess they really are my kids after all.
As far as writing ASURA NIGHT goes, today I’ll be writing about the aftermath of the car accident and Emi has to come to grasp that something is really, really happening to her and she has no idea what’s going on. I think it would be a good idea to introduce the government aspect early on so when they DO show up in the subsequent chapters, it won’t be such a bolt from the blue.
Right, off to get my first 500 words of the day, here goes nothing!