ArtPop is surprisingly…Poppy

I’m starting a little late today. Took a nap after I came back from working out and getting lunch at the canteen/cafeteria. Woke up at around 3 and decided I should probably get some writing done. Got a class at 7:10, so I’ll probably start heading over there at around 6:45 or so. I’m really glad I went to the gym today…it’s hard working out, but I feel more happy I think when I do gym it up. It helps me feel like I’m actually doing something and I’m not some pudge just sitting in front of computer screens.
I’m totally grooving to Lady Gaga’s album called Artpop. I poo-pooed it initially, not really sure why, but I think I might be a closet synth-pop fan. I worked out to this album at the gym and it was a lot of fun. Speaking of which, I progressed today. Hit 20kg on the squat, did 8kg for the dumbbell press and then hit 1 minute for a planking rep, woo hoo. I still look a bit flabby, but actually I was surprised to realize that this is only like my 7th or 8th gym session. If losing weight and looking tone was easy to do, I doubt diet pills and the meal plans would be making money hand over fist.
I hope there’s a gym near Mama and Papa W’s. David might be too busy hanging with Nate and I would rather pay a little extra to be able to walk to a close gym.
Found one. The Anytime Gym. I remember where it is and it’s open 24 hours 7 days a week. I think I’m going to hang out here. Close to Mom and Pop’s. Well, that’s one thing settled. The only thing I wished I had was a bigger laptop so I could draw on a bigger screen, but maybe i’ll just steal David’s laptop. I really want to get a Macbook Pro, but can’t afford it, esp if I want to send Dad money every month. Oh well.
Okay, that’s enough blabbing from me. Holy crap, 9 more days until we get to the airport. We’re down to single digits, woohoo!