Chinese Gyms kind of suck

The week seems to be dragging now that we’re 7 days away from leaving China. I didn’t go to the gym yesterday and I’m not sure if I will go today. If I do go, it’ll probably be later in the evening, after my class at 7:30. The gym is going to be a clusterfuck, but I’m hoping I can bust out my workout and just go home. When I go tomorrow, I’ll go back in the morning. I’m just not feeling it today. Plus, I’ve been feeling a little off since I haven’t really hit the gym since Tuesday. Haven’t gone to the gym, haven’t hit my word count…I don’t know. I think a small part of me thinks that things are going to be different when I go to Chicago, but I’m pretty sure things just might get worse. I do have plans for the summer vacation, though.
June: Finish Asura Night #2 first draft.
July: Finish HMM #2 1st draft
Finish dev edits for THD #2
August not quite sure. August is going to be a little messy since we’re also going to Taiwan for a week, so I’m not sure how much work I’m going to get done.
I was thinking about buying a cheapy laptop when I got to America, but I think I’d rather just save the money for a me-only trip. I was checking out flights to Vegas, and including hotel room, the rates are super cheap. I like the idea of Vegas because most big casino/hotels have buffets, where for 35 bucks you can eat for the whole day. That’s cheap, so I might do that. Or not. Everything depends on how I feel once I get there.
I think at this point, I just want to get there first. Seven more days. 5 more classes to teach. Ugh. I wish I could just take a sleeping pill and sleep for the next 7 days straight. Too bad I need the money. 5 classes is 350×5 = 1750, which is a little more than $250. At this point, I estimate I can take about 600 something bucks home, if I don’t spend money anymore from this point. Probably not possible. Plus, I’ve got to give my dad 200 bucks when I get to Korea, so things are going to be a little tight when I go to Chicago. I think as far as David goes, we’ll be taking about 15000 rmb, plus another 15000 in July, for a combined total of 30000 rmb, which is 4,500 USD. I want to save the majority of it because of David’s schooling, but on the other hand, I’m giving Caleb my ICBC card >_> yeah…
Well, I should probably stop procrastinating. I did get 500 words this morning, so that’s a hurdle that I crossed. For some reason, theĀ first 500 words are always the hardest, but since I got those out of the way…
so, yeah, another 500 words and then I’m getting something to eat. Then it’s back to more words, I hope.