Goodbye Zenbook!

Right. Couldn’t explain to you why I haven’t gotten any writing done in a while. I think Saturday…I don’t remember. Sunday, yesterday, my rather lame excuse is because it was, duh, Sunday and I wanted to have a day off, at the very least. My eyes feel very strange, probably because I’m wearing contacts and also I had a burrito for lunch which is…not light at all. It’s funny, because I told everyone I wanted to have a light lunch and then I end up getting a super heavy burrito. Doh. Well, at least I didn’t go home and eat ice cream, like I had meant to. Although the only reason I didn’t eat ice cream was because I was too damn full.
Right now I’m at Starbucks with a Trenta Passion Fruit Iced Tea, waiting for whoever it was that wanted to buy my laptop. Good bye laptop. Had you for three years, but it’s time to upgrade. And by upgrade, I mean downgrade. This laptop right now is super…low quality compared to the one I’m getting rid of, but I need the money and quite frankly, even it runs much slower than the Asus, I still prefer this. Like I’ve said before, I just love the battery life and the keyboard is super comfortable for typing on. Also, it’s kind of nice the keyboard doesn’t get uncomfortably warm, which was a problem I had with the Asus.
A week and a half before we make our way back to China, which I’m actually a little grateful for (I know I keep saying this, but it’s SO true). I miss our kitties and I kind of just miss the house in general. I know that a month in China, I’ll be begging to come back to Geneva, but I crave ritual and there has been little of that here. Of course, by the time we get used to being in China, we’ll be in Taiwan, lol. Then I’ll get two weeks of whatever before I have to go to Korea, argh.
*sick of traveling now*
My main goal is finishing Dark Moon Rising in the next few weeks. I want to finish the 2nd draft by the end of August and have it out for sale by the end of October. After that, I think I’m going to slide right into the next book and the last in the series because I’ve lived with Tanith Quinn since 2007 and I’m kind of done with her. I’m sure I’ll come back to visit her from time to time, since Centennial City is my own place. I visited it in Kiss of Shadows and Invincible and I definitely want to write more of Eve Faulkner and Ran Hwang’s life. Gaaah….I need to quite shlumping around…I have so many stories I want to write!
So, with that…I’m going to get to it. Today’s goal for writing 3k, 1 chapter edited for THD #2.
Here we go with only doing half of the day’s planned goals, haha.