Terrified of edits

OMG, I almost ate a whole pizza from Doughocracy. There was a piece left and I don’t know how, but I managed to throw it out, even though I finished the second to last piece thinking, ‘Well, I might as well eat the whole damn thing.’ If I don’t fall asleep in zero-minus-five seconds, it’ll be a shock to everyone, most of all me. I’m here at 318 right now and I’ll try to finish this coffee. The coffee today is actually not that bad. They didn’t have Intelligentsia coffee, thank God, so I’m trying a Two Brothers honey-pressed coffee…did not know Two Brothers got into the coffee business, but then again, they got into beer and even wine, so I guess they’re trying to hit all the beverage departments.
Yesterday, I managed to get a little over 1k. At this point, doing everything on my list and getting down 1k seems to be a monumental task. I woke up in the morning, took a shower, had some coffee while I got my JP reading out of the way. Then I read for half an hour (Fool Moon by Jim Butcher…thought it was rather apt considering what I’m writing right now) while drinking my breakfast shake (coconut water plus frozen fruit and half a scoop of vanilla-flavored protein powder) and then got through my blogging for the day.
It is now noon so I’m hoping the rest of the day can be dedicated to writing and editing.
Actually, I’ve been pushing editing off for so long, it’s pretty fucking embarrassing. Mostly I’m just afraid of re-opening the editing file Megan sent me, ffs.
I’m really thinking I ought to start with editing THD #2 before I do some writing, but on the other hand, writing is super important to me, so maybe I’ll just try to get 1.6k for the day and then just go to editing. I want to work until 5, so I’m going to try to write 3k and edit 2 chapters.
I can do this!
(…no I can’t.)
Band for the day: AMARANTHE