My insides turned into pudding

I need to get back into the habit of writing in a journal. Since leaving Chicago, going to Taiwan, coming back, getting that stomach bug, I’ve been kind of lax as far as writing goes. Of course, it doesn’t help that Dave is home. I think I am definitely less productive when he’s around, although it seems like it ought to be the other way around, right? I should be more productive when he’s home because I feel guilty when he’s at home, watching me be a total lay-about, but that’s not quite the case. Mostly, I just feel like he’s a distraction. My new workspace is definitely an improvement. Since I couldn’t get rid of the horrid round table, I just made it smaller (took out the middle leaf) and then I brought down the L-desk from upstairs where it was being totally useless and I got rid of that rickety table that once held the printer and the coffee machine. Now I am using both the small round table as well as the L-desk and if I use the L-desk, I can sort of see Dave if he wants me, so that helps. I don’t feel comfortable having him at my back, with my headphones in and not knowing if he wants me or not for whatever.
My JP studies are going well. I’ve been pretty religious about getting back into that, since I did it pretty much every morning in Chicago. The worst part about going to Taiwan was that I left the Reading Japanese text book at home and that kind of sucked because I forgot all the kanji that I had learned from before. I think I have finally caught up. So, that’s only, what, two weeks of lost progress? Bah, in a lifetime, what’s two weeks?
Right now, it’s 5:09PM and I’m just getting started for the day. If I can keep working until 9 or 10 PM, I’ll consider myself productive. I know we’ll probably go for a walk later around  7 or 8, but that’s okay. I need to quit stopping work at 8 or 9 (or whenever I finish dinner, because it seems like right after dinner, I just don’t do anything productive)  and work until ten or eleven, because if I can get up at 6 or 7, that’s still 7-8 hours of sleep, and that’s really all I need. The after lunch naps are the hardest to beat, so that’s something I’ll try to abolish in the coming weeks. Maybe I’ll try something for half an hour, but I just feel like the hours of sleep at noon are unnecessary and a bane to my very busy schedule in the coming months.
I’m supposed to finish Chapter 18 of DARK MOON RISING, as well as finish the scene breakdown for the RD short story that’s due on the 9th, if I want to get it edited by someone on the forum. I also need to edit THE HANDSOME DEVIL #2 chapter two, but that’s not as important as getting chapter 18 finished as well as starting on the short story.
Well, here goes, ready go get back to work after that really terrible stomach bag that turned my insides into pudding, literally.