Stomach bugs suck

I haven’t posted in a few days, but actually I’ve been pretty productive, as in I’m getting work done and not slacking off. I lost a couple of days from the stomach bug, but I think I can definitely get DMR finished at a good time, and I can definitely finish the short story before it’s due, so I can do some basic editing so I don’t hand over a complete mess to whoever is volunteering to edit it on RD. Megan had agreed to continue editing for me, so that’s good, phew. I have to pay her in advance, but she’s so good that I don’t even mind.
Today’s the first day Dave goes back to work, and then I think there’s the G20 holiday and then the Labor Day holiday. Then there’s National Week coming up next month. I used to think I couldn’t get my work done when Dave was around, but the past few days proved me wrong, so that’s good. I was looking over the projects I was going to publish for the remainder of 2016, going into 2017 and I’m actually a little surprised. I have 13 projects to get released by the end of 2017, which, considering the amount of work I’ll be doing, is actually a smaller number than what I expected. I think I’m overestimating the editing times, but I guess it’s better to be overestimating than piling on too many projects and wallowing under the impossible work load. I need to go back and re-read some book by Monica Leonelle. I think I read somewhere that she published 24 something projects in 12 months since is absolutely nuts. She must hire multiple editors. 2016-2017 is really going to be my year. Dave wants to have a kid in the next two years, and I want to make sure I have enough projects floating around so I can take some time off to have a kid or whatever. Honestly, having children terrifies me, but I guess that’s just something people do when they get married and find careers. Sigh.
Anyways…lots to do today.