Busy is the Name of this Game

I need to make a habit of remembering to write in this every day BEFORE I get to my work for the day, but after my JP study.
Anyways, I have finished writing in DMR, and it’s almost 6PM, so suffice to say, today might be a late night for me, since I still have to write 1k in the short story that still has no name, as well as edit chapter 3 of THE HANDSOME DEVIL #2.
Got my JP study down though, but today I’ve been kind of low energy. Took a short break on the couch, but I kept on getting texts, first from Ruby and then from Mrs. Zhou, sigh. No rest for the wicked, it seems. Plus, Dave seems to have come down with something very similar to what I had last week, so I’m just hoping I don’t get it back.
I’ve actually had a bit of an epiphany with DMR…I think it’s possible to cut a few chapters out. No, it might be better to cut them out. So, basically, I’ve just got maybe 2 more chapters to write until I can say the 1st draft is finally finished. Of course, the battle is only half-won, I still have revisions to go through before I send it off to Megan, but at least the story will be finished. It’s been sitting way too long on my hard drive unfinished and I’m not willing to wait any longer.
So that’s, good, I might still make my original deadline of getting it finished by the 4th, letting it sit for a while and then opening it again for revisions on the 19th, so that’s good. While it is cooling off, I am going to finish writing the short story, which is due by the 9th, but I’m hoping to complete this by the 7th. Right now I am at 4k, should hit 5k by tonight, so technically I would be halfway finished with the story and if my schedule is true, then I’ll finish the rough first draft on the 6th, which gives me the 7th and the 8th to polish it before I hand it over to whoever will be editing it.
I will start writing 1k of HMM #2 beginning on the 7th. That way, it’ll give me 19 days to finish the 1st draft, which is an additional 19k. Considering the book is only supposed to be somewhere around 20k, I think this is a very doable goal. (I need to remind myself to re-release ONLY MINE under the Fionn Jameson name)
I am also going back to writing the 1st draft of Evolution which I’ll start writing on the 11th, so I’ll be writing that concurrently with HMM #2. However, I’ll be writing 2k of Evolution a day, so that means i should have a wordcount of 60k. It’s a little low, but I think I already have 10-20k written. As the days go, I might do the same as what I’m doing now, which is not writing 2k a day, but writing a chapter a day, which means that my word count will fluctuate from anywhere from 2k to 4k, so whatever.
Busy, busy, that’s the name of this game.
Okay, that’s all for now. September is definitely going to be a busy month…or rather the next 14 months are going to be very productive/busy for me. I’ll be going to Korea in the middle of September for Chuseok, so I have to be careful to continue being as productive. Somehow, I don’t think that’ll be very difficult, considering the lack of anything to do in that neck of the mountains.