Does all work and no play make Jill a dull girl?

Yay, I remembered to start this after my JP studies but before I got into my writing for the day. wooooo
So today is the day when I throw a few chapters (unwritten, thank god) out the window and see if writing just 1-2 more chapters might be enough to finish DMR. If so, that would be great. There will be heavier revisions when it comes to editing, but I think this might make for a leaner book…I think. We’ll have to see what Megan says.
Then I have to write 1k of the 10k story. I think it’s a lot of story to hit in 10k, but it should be interesting to see how much plot and characterization I can stuff into Dorian’s possible love story with Viola (again, I really need to think about how much I like that name or not…)
Then it’s off to edits.
Yesterday, I did not do edits, but I did go for an hour walk in the park last night, so I still kind of feel like I’ve won. I want to do that again tonight, so I have to make sure I get all of my work done before then because once I come back, I’m probably not going to want to sit back down in front of the computer.
Speaking of which, I’ve decided that just 30min to 1 hour of studying JP might not be enough. So I’m going to start studying JP on my off time as well. 10-15 mins during my breaks. JP study doesn’t really feel like studying and it IS fun, so I’m going to try that for a while and see how it goes. They do say that all work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl, but we’ll see how it goes.
Right. I’m going to read a bit and then it’s off to doing my best to finish DMR before Monday, woo!