Yesterday, I managed to get my writing finished, so that’s good. I think I’m falling into a steady schedule. It kind of sucks that I don’t really get any days off, but that’s how my life is going to be for the next 14 months. I really can’t complain, I get to stay at home and write all day long. Stay positive!
Yesterday, I finished Ch. 23 of DMR. If I’m lucky and do what I think I want to do, I think today will be the day I can finish say “I’m finished!” with DARK MOON RISING. I really do want to finish this book by this weekend. According to my original schedule, I was supposed to finish this by tomorrow, but what with getting sick for a few days, I missed a few days = missed a few chapters.
I didn’t finish editing Chapter 3 of THD #2. I edited up to page 5/9, so if I just finish the other 4 pages, I can finish editing Chapter 3 today and maybe even get a start on Chapter 4. Editing is a lot worse than it looks, but it’s still a pain in the ass. If I can edit a chapter every two days, by my estimations, I’ll finish with dev edits by the end of this month. Actually, I won’t, I’ll need 32 days, so that’ll mean I have to edit a chapter a day on some days. Here’s to hoping some chapters don’t need too much work, but I’m not that hopeful considering how badly edits went for Chapter 1 and 2.
I also wrote another 1k of that 10k story that I really need to come up with a title with. I’m at 6k, I think, so I’ve got another 4k to go. If I can finish DMR, I’m going to start writing 2-3k a day on the short story, which means that I could finish the short story by Monday or Tuesday, which’ll give me 2-3 days to cobble it together into something that is edit-able. I thought it was due on the nineth, which is a Friday, but I went back and checked on the site and it turns out it’s actually due on the 10th, so that’s an extra day, woo hoo.
Once I get that finished, I’m supposed to start writing Evolution. Since I have 2-3 days between sending in the short story and going back to Evolution (I think I started writing the first few chapters), I’ll probably spend those days planning out how I want to progress with the story. I do know that I want to write 2k a day.
I’ll also start writing HMM #2 around that time too. I should probably start writing it beginning tomorrow, if I can finish DMR by today, that way I can keep working on two projects at the same time, although considering that I’m also editing THD #2, I guess technically I’m working on 3 books at the same time.
Busy, busy.
Not to mention, I think Dave is having some coworkers over tonight, so I might get kicked off the computer sooner than later. I suppose I can always just take the laptop upstairs and work in bed, but that almost never works out the way I want it to.
Well, I’ve got a book to finish. I hope that I can sign in tomorrow with news that DMR’s 1st draft is complete.