Mosquitoes can go to hell

Yep, so yesterday, I read through what I had already written of EVOLUTION, and also found the chapter breakdown of both HMM #2 and EVOLUTION so I am good to go. For a second, I thought I would have to redo the chapter beats which is kind of time consuming, but I found the notebook that had all my notes from a few months ago, so that’s good.
Today’s a busy day. I was going to go to the gym at lunch, but have decided against it since I got a late start this morning. I slept in because I didn’t sleep well; got a bunch of mosquito bites and feisty cats who don’t know how to sleep.
Today I’m going to start editing the short story as well as editing THD #2 and then writing HMM #2 and EVOLUTION. I’m going to try to get 5k on these two projects, while editing 2.5k of the short story and editing chapter 5 of THD #2. I’ve contacted Rachel about doing the line edits for THD #2, but I think I’m going to contact the other editor I found on RD and see what kind of quote she gives me. She’ll probably be more expensive than Rachel, but I’ll check out her edits and see how she does it.
Plus, I need to go for an evening walk, read for an hour, reply to FIGHT and do some art as I haven’t touched my tablet in a while.
Also, I’ve been thinking of keeping track of the words I write daily, so maybe I’ll start that today.