Carpal Tunnel is no bueno

Yesterday was a bit of success…kind of. I managed to get most of the things accomplished that I wanted to do, as far as writing goes. I got 2k for HMM #2, 3k for EVOLUTION and I edited about 2k of the 10k story. The only thing I didn’t do was get to edits for THD #2, but my excuse is that I had a late start yesterday. I don’t think I really got writing until noon, but I got out of bed today at six and it’s 8 now. I got my JP study done for now and I’m ready to get some serious work done.
Actually, I started dictating yesterday, for EVOLUTION, and I’d say things worked out pretty well. I got the 3k in an hour, although I’d like to increase that. Something that will probably come with practice, I hope. I really want to continue with this dictating thing. I keep picking up and putting it back down, but what with my work/release schedule, it’s important that I get the most words in the fastest time possible and that’s with dictating. That and I don’t want to end up with carpal tunnel before I hit 40. Actually, I’m kind of surprised I haven’t already got it already…
I’m going to spend an hour writing HMM #2 and another hour writing EVOLUTION. At my usual dictating schedule, I can usually get around 1300-1500 every half hour, so chances are I can hit 3k on both HMM #2 and EVOLUTION. I might do more writing, but I’m going to do the bare minimum before I get to my editing. Once I’ve finished editing, I might go back to writing 1st drafts, but we’ll see how I feel. I’m probably going to do 25 minute dictating sessions, spend some time editing what gets dictated and then going right back in. I’m re-reading some dictating books as well as rereading the Chris Fox ref books because I really like the way he talks about the way he writes.