Hello, Airport! (also fuck hiccups)

Well, I didn’t post yesterday, but that’s because I was busy trying to finish the 10k story work and to get it to the editors before the deadline. I guess I could have worked on it a little longer, but honestly, I got kind of sick of looking at it. I like to look at my overall plots and poke holes in them, and boy, there were a lot of holes to poke in that 10k story. Or maybe it was just me. That’s why I sent it off to the editors because I needed someone else to look at it.
But hey, I finished it it and it’s out of my hands, woohoo! I’m getting it back in the next few weeks, but for now, I don’t have to worry about it, which is absolutely great. So, woohoo.
I’m at the airport now and it’s twenty before 9. My flight doesn’t leave until 2:30PM, so I’ll probably just kick around until 12:30 or so, or until they open check in. Gosh. I’m almost considering paying money to use the hotel on the second floor, but if I did that, that means I would lose time that I could spend writing. I really want to work on HMM #2 and Invincible. I think the last time I wrote in those two projects was Friday, while Saturday and Sunday was dedicated to finishing the story and sending it off.
(crap, got hiccups)
So I’m at the Starbucks right now. Just had a chicken caesar wrap with an lemon iced tea and now I’m having an Americano, because coffee has become so finely enmeshed in my morning routine that I feel half-dead unless I’ve got some caffeine in my system.
I don’t know how much work I’ll be able to get done once I get to Mom’s house tonight. The plane is supposed to arrive at 5:30PM, and since I only have one piece of luggage that I’ll be carrying on, I can probably get out of the airport by 6:150-ish. The ride to Mom’s house is probably going to be an hour, so 7:15ish, then dinner, then it’ll be 9 or something by the time I have some time and by then, I’ll probably want to get some sleep.
So yeah, these next 3-4 hours will be the only time I’ll really be able to get some words down. It’ll be weird typing the words out, especially since I’ve been dictating pretty religiously for the past week or so. I’m not going to be ambitious. Usually, at home I’d get 2k of HMM #2 and 3k of EVOLUTION, but I’ll be happy to get 1k for HMM #2 and 2k for EVOLUTION. I’d also like to edit a bit of THD #2, but for now, just getting the first draft for EVOLUTION and HMM #2 are the most important things on my to-do list right now.
God, I love this laptop and the battery power. 16 hours what??? Of course, the power isn’t as good if I plug in a HD to play some videos, but come on, honestly, I bought this laptop so I could write outside of the house without having to worry about carrying around a power cord.
Right, I’m going to try to get some words down for HMM #2.
(fucking hiccups)