Chuseok in Korea…not that relaxing, actually

Well, I’m here in Korea for Chuseok and I have to honest, it really hasn’t been that relaxing. Nor have I done anything productive either. Something I’d like to change today, but we’ll have to see how everything goes.
My two younger cousins are here, and I suppose they’re all right, but they made me realize that, actually, I don’t really like kids. Not even kids that I’m supposedly related to. I like my aunt and uncle, but I guess I don’t like the way they act. The younger one is okay, but the older one just seems kind of…annoying and arrogant? God, was I like that?
Okay, I need to get some work done, otherwise this whole trip will be a waste. If I can just get 2k for EVOLUTION AND 1K for HMM #2, I’ll have considered today not a total waste of time.