Back in China!

I’m back in China, home for now, and I’m glad to be back. I mean, it was good to see my family again, but right now I’m so busy with writing. I don’t even have a whole lot of time to do stuff for me, like reading and drawing, mostly because I know these next 1-2 years is going to be totally nuts. Mostly because I’m probably going to have a kid after that and I know my life is going to go down the shithole for a while.
Today’s goal is to write 2k of HMM2 and 3k of EVOLUTION. Starting today, I’m going to start writing right away. Usually, I used to do Japanese first thing in the morning, but slogging through writing in the afternoon is kind of hard and besides, I can do JP while David is home, but I have a hard time writing when he’s home.
I’m going to start at 8 or sometime around there.
Since I just need 1.5 hours to get down the 5k for the day (still dictating, btw), I’d like to finish before lunchtime, that way I can have some lunch (probably going to make curry and pita bread) and then get to work on editing. I need to start editing DMR tomorrow because I sent the check off to Megan. I sent out a few feelers for dev editors on Fiverr because she’s only able to work on one project at a time, and even though I value her comments, I think our relationship has soured quite a bit since the payment fiasco.
Right, that’s all from me for now. I tried to read one of the De Piaget books by Lynn Kurland, but I just got so confused with all the extra characters, I gave up. So I’m reading a Lisa Kleypas book, but I’ve always had a pretty good experience with her books, so I’m hoping I can finish that book today. I really want to read more. Play games less, read more!
…I think I need a TShirt that says that…