New covers!

Got my covers back from Jaycee yesterday and I’m super pumped. I was a little surprised when I looked at my schedule and realized that I’m actually not releasing HMM until November. O__O Considering that I’m very close to finish HMM #2, as in it’s my goal to finish it today, this seems like a really long time off, but I think my editing and proofing schedule is very optimistic. I don’t want to pack in my time so much that I think I’m going to fuck everything off if I take even one day off.
Yesterday, I managed to get all my writing stuff down, except for the planning parts. I’m hoping I’ll have more time to do that once I finish HMM #2, hopefully today! Once I finish HMM #2, the only first draft I’ll be working on is EVOLUTION until I go back to THD #3 on November 7th. Yikes. But I see here that I’m supposed to be start REVOLUTION on the 21st. I think, considering that I’ve already gotten about a quarter finished of THD #3, I’ll probably push the start date for that sometime next month, since the entire of October is looking a little empty as far as writing first drafts go.
¬†According to my calculations, if I can keep up my current rate, I can probably finish the 1st draft of EVOLUTION by the end of the month or maybe even the first week of October, so I’ll definitely need something to work on during October, otherwise I’ll just be working on edits for the whole month and that doesn’t really strike me as fun.
Today, I’ve already edited a chapter of THD, so that’s good. The rest I have to do is finish HMM #2, write 3k of EVOLUTION and start editing DMR. I also want to finish the blurb for HMM #2 by today so I can take advantage of the free five dollar credit I’ve got on Fiverr.
The ayi is gone already, so I can start work, as when she’s around I don’t get a whole lot done.
Also, I have class at 6:30, my first class after three months of not teaching.