It’s time to seriously think about my future as a writer called Fionn Jameson. It’s been almost ten years since I started writing with that name, but I’m starting to think that maybe I should just set fire to that name and start back fresh again. It’s not like I’ll be losing a lot. My sales for the past month have been absolutely abysmal, even with the perma frees.
Lots to think about in the next few weeks,
Today, I’m actually quite proud of myself. I got up at 5 (a lie, I woke up at 3:45 because I was sleeping on the floor and the cats were running around the house like maniacs). I’m drinking some coffee now (love the timed coffee maker) and I’m going to have some breakfast in a bit. Then I’ll go to the gym at 7. I’ve always been saying “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’m going to change.”
Well, tomorrow already came and went, like, seven years ago, LOOOL.
So I might get some more editing done before I head off to the gym after David leaves. Wait, he doesn’t leave until after 8 today, oookay.
Today’s goals are pretty simple.
  1. Finish edits for HMM #2 and send to Megan
  2. Start plotting HMM #3
  3. Read for an hour
  4. Study JP for an hour
  5. Draw for an hour
  6. Work on new website
  7. Come up with new game plan for possible pen name

The worst part of giving up Fionn Jameson is the orphaned stories that no longer have a home. In the future, I may pull them back out, but for now, they’re going to have to retire. That’s the hardest part of starting over, imo. It makes everything I did the past seven years completely moot…but I learned a lot and that has to count for something, right?