Staying Positive

Well…yesterday was pretty productive. I got new words. About 2.2k, which is 800 more than I originally shot for, so yay. It feels good to work again. I may or may not go to the gym at lunch. I may just go to the gym after my class tonight. Choices, choices.
Today’s TODO list is as follows:
  1. HMM #3 – Write for an hour
  2. EVOLUTION – Write for 30 min
  3. THD #3 – Write for 30 min
I’ve been using the 5k app by Chris Fox, which makes me feel way accomplished. Haha, have to get my dopamine from somewhere, I guess.
Editing is:
  1. Edit 1k – DMR
  2. Edit 1k – THD #2
Publicity/Author Upkeep:
  1. Include my book links for
  2. Email the winter book promo to my subscribers…all 3 of them, one of which I think is me, LOOOOL
My personal things are:
  1. Study JP for 30 min
  2. Draw for 2 hours
  3. Read something fiction for 1 hr
  4. Go to the gym (might have to go at lunch…if I want time to go shopping after class)
  5. Do laundry
  6. Teach a class at 6:30
Lets Plays:
  1. Record Pt 2 of AliceMare
  2. Record Pt 3 of AliceMare
I need to research ways to upgrade my desktop. For Christmas, I want computer parts. I want to upgrade everything: cpu, ram, video card…but I don’t know how to go about doing it. I used to, I think back in high school, but now I don’t really have much of an idea, ick.
So lots to do today. I like the idea of taking a nap, but I don’t think it’s possible, loool.
Also, I need to start saving money. I estimate I need at least 5k for my Hawaii trip in April. I make around 800 bucks a month, so from December, January, February, March, April…that’s 4 months to save up, assuming the kids don’t take time off. I might have to say no to the hawaii trip and just save up for my LA trip. Hmmmm….either way, I’ll be saving up money for my vacation in 2017. I’ll probably just be taking a week off, seeing as how my publishing plan is just too much to take more time off. I definitely want to go to a con though. It’s been a while and they are super fun. One of the reasons/incentives I have for working out, too.
Haven’t had breakfast yet and to be honest, I’m not even sure what I want to eat. Maybe I’ll just drink something. Too lazy to do anything. Or make egg toast. Whatever. Least amount of effort and if I go to the gym at 11, I can go to the wonton place for lunch, come home and do more work.
I think I’m going to try to write as soon as 8:30 rolls around. Main goals are getting 1.5k on HMM #3, 500 words for both EVOLUTION and THD #3.
Let’s do this thing!