Possible new desktop!

Right. Yesterday, no writing got done. My fault. Today, writing AND editing AND gyming is going to happen. I’m almost sure I’m not going to record videos today.
Actually, I’m thinking of taking a break until I get the new computer. I’m looking at several models on Taobao, but I’m definitely interested in getting an i7/GTX 1050Ti. The ones I’m looking at are around 3.5k and 5k. Either way, it would be a pretty kickass Christmas present if Dave got this for me. Either way, I’m saving up my tutoring paychecks for the foreseeable future, mostly for this and for my vacation this summer.
Also for promo stuff. And getting that laptop for Lily, but I don’t think I’m going to do that until next weekend, so I can pay for it and make sure I have money left over.
So, today, my own goals are writing, editing, drawing and doing some teaching. Got to pay for that gaming rig somehow. And then tomorrow I’ll be going to Buynow to get david thatĀ adapterĀ for his drum kit and that’ll be his birthday present.
I still need to think about his Christmas present though. Maybe I’ll get him a squat rack? Dilemma, dilemma…
Okay, time for breakfast and then get writing, let’s do this!