The world is my dirty, filthy, oyster.

Today, I’m not going worry about doing shit. I might get some words written, might do some editing, or I might just get off the computer and watch TV while reading comics for the rest of the day. This is the luxury I have afforded myself on Friday. I need something to look forward to. I realize that my schedule is kind of nuts and I need a day to just say fuck all and let it all go (I stopped taking time off on Sunday). I will probably clean the house a bit, but aside from that, and seeing as how I can barely hold my head upright without cramping, I probably won’t do anything too much.
Tomorrow, I should be getting my new desktop. YES. I am super excited about making Lets Plays. I really see it as another form of residual income and I am all about making money even when I’m not working. Making apps is also another form of residual income and I will definitely be looking into that.
Hungry. I’ve got rice cooking in the cooker and I’m going to make some soboro with egg. For dinner, I have absolutely no idea. Maybe we’ll do tacos. The world is our oyster. Dirty, filthy oyster.