Bzzzz I’m a busy, busy bee

Okay…these past few days have been kind of bad for me.
Well, not really. I mean, I got the majority of the plotting finished for the UF story I’m supposed to hand over for the box set. But now I’m starting to wonder if I can finish it in time and get it edited as well, since Megan’s not that fast when it comes to edits.
But I got the plotting finished for EVOLUTION and the Untitled paranormal/fantasy romance story, so basically all I have to do is write them. EVOLUTION was a waste of time since I had it plotted before, but I couldn’t locate it anymore. I really don’t know why I didn’t put it into Scrivener first thing when I finished it before. That seems like a grave misstep on my part, bah.
But at least I’m familiar with EVOLUTION now. Since it had been a while since I had opened the document last, there were some parts I forgot. Actually, I think the plot is a little different now, hopefully for the better. I’m still fumbling a bit with the fantasy romance story. I think I’ve got the major ideas down, but I still need a bit of sticky glue to put them all together. I’ll try to get that finished today.
ONLY AFTER I FINISH EDITING THD #2. It was due on Tuesday and it’s Thursday now. GUH. So today’s main goal is finishing edits of THD #2. I think it’s possible to do. I think I have only four more chapters to go. Unfortunately, they are the four most emotion charged chapters, so it’s going to be difficult, that’s for sure.
I need to get them finished today and then try to put the plot for the fantasy romance together so I can start writing that ASAP. Ugh, holidays suck.