I don’t get Sundays

First of all, yay, I’m up before 7 and ready to do work. Er. As long as I get a few levels on Wow, first. It’s a Sunday. Talked to dad yesterday and damn it, it’s so depressing and worrying that I know absolutely nothing of his well-being aside from what he tells me, and I know he wouldn’t tell me anything that would make me worry. Shit. I really need to batten down the hatches, put my head down and get the fuck to work. Which is what I intend to do. Today, too.
I do have Wow up, although I plan on writing a little later in the day. I still haven’t finished transfering the synopsis for the untitled fantasy romance, but then again, I realize that hell, the synopsis is actually really, really long O___o. I need to finish editing that one last chapter for THD #2, although the reason I’m avoiding it is because of the big sex scene between Nobuki and Rika and I’m just like…OTL god, I want to crawl into a whole and die from embarrassment kind of thing. Also, I got the edits back for DMR which needs to get started on, and I need to finish writing Evolution since that’s all plotted out and about halfway to finishing the 1st draft.
I bricked the shit out of the Acer cloudbook. Dunno how I did it. I tried installing Windows 8 and that worked really enough, but I can’t get the wireless driver to work. Well, shit. I might have to make that my project next weekend, but for now, this netbook and two desktops will have to do. I need to rez the old big laptop that stuffed somewhere in a cabinet and see if I can make that work. I like the netbook’s keyboard, but the placement of the keys are really messing with me. Like the tactile sensation of typing on it, but the shift button is in a really awkward place.
Today, I don’t plan on doing too much, except for writing and maybe hitting the gym in a little bit. Or maybe not the gym. I think I’d rather go during the weekdays when there’s less likely to be people there. Sunday is bound to be a clusterfuck no matter which time you go, because this is China and China will be…China.
Got Wunderlist downloaded on this cpu. One more level on wow and then I’m turning it off and turning on something inane on Netflix so I can focus on getting that synopsis entered because right now, that’s the thing I’m procrastinating on.
Nothing more to add. Sundays don’t feel like Sundays, especially when everyday is just about a Sunday for me. Still, I just had leftover pizza for breakfast and for lunch, I’ll probably make braised radish and something else. Maybe I need to stop by the store, especially since I’m out of milk. Also need to go downstairs and pick up my packages, since it appears my husband has failed to do so, sigh.
Okay, got my level and I’m ready to get some work done. I think I’m going to work until around 11 or so, have some lunch, do some tidying up, which includes doing the laundry and then play some wow and then do some more writing after that. Sundays are not Sundays for me.