So busy, so little time…

Yep, these next few days are going to suck for my productivity, mostly because Dave is home from vacation and won’t leave for Taiwan until Friday and then I won’t see him until the 12th, woooyeee.
I got my six boxes of flavored black tea and instead of drinking coffee this morning, I drank some black tea flavored with mango and peach. Super yummy, and it’s not anywhere near as acidic as coffee. I don’t think I drink coffee in the morning for the caffeine, so this black tea works out just fine. I wonder what’s healthier? I guess they all have their up/downsides, but I think I should probably go with coffee. It’s less acidic so no hurt stomach in the morning is a major plus.
Yesterday, as far as writing work goes, I sent that email out to Megan and Red. Heard back from Megan, but did not hear back from Red. Not surprising since I think it was still Sunday or early Monday morning. Maybe I’ll hear something by tonight, who knows.
It’s Tuesday and the ayi is here. I’m not sure how much work I will get done, especially since I can’t send over THD #2 until I start getting paid again. Maybe I should work on HMM #2 or DMR edits. Or finish writing Evolution and start writing that fantasy romance that STILL doesn’t have a name. I do know that I want to release something at the end of this month. Hopefully I want to put out something at the end of the month every month this year.
I need to work on my website. And update my blog. And do something about my Facebook page. So many things to do, I hardly even know where to start.
Just got an email from a pet relocation company and thought I’d check up on cat relocation prices. Holy crap, looks like it’s going to cost us about $10,000 to get all three cats moved, eeeck. A little terrifying, I mean, that’s the price of a small car, but whatever. That’s why I’m working and writing so I can spend money on these kind of expenses, I suppose.
I figured it was going to cost around that much, anyways. Guess I’d better start getting some work done.