Oh no, another addiction…

Well, I’m writing, so that’s good.
I’m starting to think that keeping multiple entries is kind of redundant, so I’m going to post on RD every Monday, post here as often as I can, and talk to Red every day.
Yesterday, I wanted to get some work done, but I wasn’t feeling up to it, so I’m going to do the work I meant to do yesterday today. Good thing today is Friday and my off day, anyways.
I’ve gotten super into Netflix’s Daredevil. Kicks the shit out of Ben Affleck’s version. I watched all of season 1 yesterday and I’ve started on Season 2 today. It’s funny, actually. Usually when I get super into a show, I read the Wiki episode synopsies and that usually loses my interest. I did that for this show but I still watched the episodes. That’s how good the show is.
Today my goals aren’t that big. I just want to catch up on what I couldn’t do yesterday, so I’m keeping the same to-do list up even though it’s the wrong date.