Diets are laaaaaame.

So today and tomorrow will just be me and I’ll send an email to Red on Monday night and let her know my progress this past weekend. It’s Saturday and I have a full to-do list. I want to write 3.5k today. Dunno if it is possible, but if you want to shoot for the stars, then try it and at least get to the stratosphere? Or something like that.
Yesterday, I got down 1.6k. Meant to hit 2k but I’m okay with 1.6k. If I can just be consistent, that would be fabulous. I’m thinking of not having days off. Maybe one day I’ll just hit my minimum word count and then fuck off the rest of the day. Or fuck off during the day and write at night. Not like I’m not already doing that right now, lol.
The gym is finally back open today, so that’s good. Starting today I’m going to go on a strict diet as well as go back on my evening walks. For lunch, around 11, I’ll have some rice and chicken and broccoli and then I’ll hit the gym, and after the gym, have a banana or something. Then I’ll go for a walk and then maybe have some eggs or something. I have no idea how busy the gym is going to be today, considering that technically, it’s still a holiday, I think until this Monday. And then tomorrow, I’ll be back to the morning walks, since it’s not so cold now.
In other news, Dave will be home in eight days, so that’ll be good. It’s nice to have some time apart and just relax, but it’ll be good to see him again. Classes will be starting up in a bit too, so the extra cash will be good. Really need to send some money to dad and get those edits paid for.
Okay, I think that’s all from me for now. I hope when I check in tomorrow I can say that I hit my wordcount goal.