So close to the end…again

As far as EVOLUTION goes, I am seriously close to the end. Naoki just told Reika that Lily was responsible for the bomb and now Suzu is going to tell them to get in the truck. Reika is about to tell her that she won’t be going anywhere with them, but she knows Suzu and Naoki will try to stop her, so she’ll agree to get on the truck.
Then the next big scene after that is her locating the Chiba leader and challenging him to the duel. She’ll win and then it’ll be the epilogue.
So, yeah…not a whole lot more to write.
Yesterday, I got down 2.1k in 3 sessions of 15 minute, so 45 minutes. Not bad. I’m hoping I can get down 6 sessions today. I think I can. 15 minute, plus 5 minute break in between, so that’s 6 * 15 which is 1.5 hours, adding in  5 5-minute breaks, which is an additional 25 minutes, so I figure it’ll take 2 hours of just writing with small breaks in between. I guess I’ll do a session or two while waiting for the bread to swell, then have lunch, write 2-3 session, take that walk, and then write the remainder. Either way, I think it’s very possible I can finish my writing for the day by the time evening hits. Then I’m going to go back to editing THD #2, something I haven’t done in a while.
Okay, at this point, I’m procrastinating. Quick bathroom break and then it’s time to write. Let’s go!