soooo clooooseeeee

I am so close to being done with EVOLUTION. I’m still not sure if the ending is a bit of a let down, but I’m going to stick with it. I got my arting done for the day, sort of, so I want to do maybe 4 or 5 sessions of writing today. I tried to write 6 yesterday, but by the time I finished my 4th session, it was almost 9 and my brain was just dead. So, my goal is to get my writing done by lunch time and then spend the rest of the day editing and reading. I’d like to get it all done by 11, if possible, so I’m just going to write this for another 5 minutes and then get writing.
Gosh, now that I set the timer, I’m not sure how to progress.
I can tell you that I’ve been writing the past few days slightly out of order. Since I already know what’s going to happen, I pick what I want to write and then the rest just follows through.
I think I’m going to do that now.
Remember, the first 100 words are always the hardest…