Hm…I guess I didn’t write in this yesterday? I finished Evolution on Tuesday. There’s a lot I have to fix, but for now I’ve got a rough lump put together with clay (words) and now I have to get out my chisel and start making the thing look vaguely-humanlike.
For now, though, I have to work on finishing THD #3. Yesterday, I got down 1.6k of new words while waiting for my kids to show up for class. I’m starting my work day a little late. Note to self: next time if I have a shake for dinner, make sure to drink it before 6, otherwise I’ll spend half the night going to the bathroom. It was weird reading what I had written quite a long time ago, almost a year ago. I’m really hoping I can finish it by next Saturday. It’ll be nuts. I have to write 4k, but Red, my writing coach, is doing that too, so I don’t feel so alone. 4k means 6 15-minute sessions so I’ll have to get on that soon.
I also have to start think about starting the short story/novella for the summer charity sometime this weekend. I know I want to write something Japan oriented. If I could, I’d write something based in Korea, but the name system is so clunky. Otherwise, I’d only ever write about about Korean dudes, HAA.
I also need to do some reading today. Instead of playing HM, I really need to write at night. Or stop taking such long naps. Ugh, but I really do love them long afternoon naps SO much. But now it’s time to do some work.
Today I want to do 6 15-minute writing sessions, some drawing and I really need to get some editing done. Maybe 2 editing sessions and 2 reading sessions. Got a whole bunch of JPop to write to, so I should be good as far as writing music goes.
As far as my mindsight goes, I’m feeling pretty good. I guess if there’s one thing I know I’m shirking, it’s the fact that I’m really pushing my edits away. God, I hate edits so much. I hate looking at my failure of words and being confronted with them over and over again. It’s like a painter being forced to look at his 6th year old self’s artwork and feeling all cringeworthy and embarrassed about it.
I really have to get more classes next week. I need a minimum of 4 classes if I’m ever going to pay for any edits, sigh.
Otherwise, I’ll have to edit my own stuff, and there’s no way I can do that, not to the level I would feel comfortable releasing it to the public and ┬ámaking them pay for it.
Right, that’s enough chattering from me, let’s get to my words for the day!