Vacation plans…even if I don’t deserve them

Well, the last two days was a complete bust. Although I kind of figured it would be. Next time, if I want to get some kind of work finished on the weekends, I’d be better off writing early in the morning before David wakes up.
Already made plans for National Week; plan to go to Japan with Kaitlyn and Alex. Admittedly, I did bank on Japan being one of those places Alex would like to go to, and I figured they needed a translator. Dave says he might want to go, so that’ll be nice.
Still not sure about this summer though. Definitely going to Korea in a few weeks, will buy the tickets this weekend or so, but as for the summer in Chicago…I’m not sure. I’ll have to talk to my parents and see if they really REALLY want to meet his folks…or if they just feel obligated to do so. If they just feel it’s something they ought to do, I’m going to recommend maybe they save this until next year. I dunno know. I just feel like it’s kind of one-sided…my parents going all the way to Chicago? Maybe they can meet in LA or something. I’ll talk to my folks when I get there this month. I just don’t feel comfortable paying 800-900 bucks for a ticket to Chicago if I’m only going to be there for a week or two. I’d rather just stay here and write a lot during that time.
Today, I’d like to plan out the short story for that summer charity anthology I agreed to be in. Still not sure how I want to write it. I definitely want to write an Okinawa-themed thing. Or maybe a Taiwan themed story. Or maybe even an LA themed thing. I do want it to be a beach/surfer kind of romance, though. Hah, I guess I’m not even that sure on that either. I guess it’s safe to say that I don’t know anything about this. I don’t want to back out of this and it’ll be good practice, anyways. Maybe I’ll write a short story featuring Julian, meeting a Japanese girl on the Santa Monica pier. I still have to flesh out what his occupation is. Maybe I’ll have him change jobs to be a freelance translator…although I can’t imagine that pays a whole lot, LOOOL. Maybe I’ll have him be a semi-professional, somewhat successful writer. It certainly save on researching…or maybe I’m just being a lazy idiot.
I already know what I’m going to eat for lunch, and it’ll be from yesterday’s dinner, so that’ll be fast. Breakfast will be a shake and dinner, might be omurice again, LOL.
So, today my writing plans are as follows:
  1. Write at least 3k of THD #3. I’ve reached the halfway point, the Point of No Return #2.
  2. Edit THD #2.
  3. Plan out summer anthology novella.
  4. I’m supposed to start edits for DMR, but I don’t know if I have the nerves to face that. /Sigh
Today, I have class at 6:30 and then another class on Wednesday, but those classes are so easy, it almost feels like I’m being overpaid. Ah well, the best I can do is just teach them the best way I can.
Okay, that’s all for now. I have to remember to email Red later tonight because emailing her now seems kind of pointless since I don’t have anything to tell her except that I failed really badly this weekend, LOL. I think I need to read the short story thingie that James Scott Bell wrote, because I don’t know if I know how to write a short story, LOOOOL.
Okay, now I’m really REALLY going.