Just another nondescript day

Whelp, yesterday was a bust. Barely got 500 words. I don’t know how to explain why I couldn’t finish my tasks yesterday. On the other hand, it was a pretty active day for me. I walked twice and started Day 1 of Blogilates. I’m going to try the first day again because I couldn’t complete it yesterday. I’m going to also try to walk twice today. I have a class today at 6:30, so I’ll leave the house around 5:40, just to make sure I get there ahead of time.
Finally got the timeline for the summer charity anthology, so that’s good. Red recommending me using ROMANCING THE BEAT by Gwen Hayes to write the novella I’m going to submit, which was a really good tip because I completely forgot I had the book. So, I’ll be doing that today.
On the other hand, I think my art is improving? Really hard to say. Today, I’m going to get my arting out of the way and try to get writing by 9.
Also, I haven’t taken naps since Sunday. No naps Monday, none Tuesday and here’s to hoping none today.
I might start writing out of sequence for THD #3, considering how close I am to the end. Yeah, it’s 15k, which maybe isn’t a very small number, but I can see the end in sight and boy, does it look good.
Also also, starting today I’m going to try to email Red in the evening because I kind of feel like I’m spending way too much time answering correspondences when I could be writing. It’s very clear that I’m not really capable of writing past seven, although there are exceptions. Very, very, very exceptional, um, exceptions.
Okay, that’s all from me. I’m going to do some drawing to get my creative juices flowing and then I hope to start writing at 9. Here goes nothing!