Art: Feast or Famine

Oh God. I haven’t written anything since Friday. Actually, I didn’t even write anything on Friday. I’ve just been drawing nonstop since then and it’s now past four on a Sunday. Deadline, what deadline? I really need to be more disciplined. I really do have a feast or famine attitude when it comes to drawing. I’ll draw nonstop for a week or so and then just not draw for weeks/months at a time. I need to be better about this.
I’d like to dedicate 5 hours to writing/editing and 5 hours to drawing. So, that’s 10 hours of working + 8 hours of sleeping, which is 18 hours accounted for, leaving 6 hours that can still be filled by eating, cooking (I can’t believe how long it takes me for to cook something, strangely enough), teaching, and just random w/e, reading etc. Maybe, I can do writing from 8 – 1PM and then after that, draw for the rest of the day or do whatever I want. I need to try that this week and see how it goes. It’s still 30 hours a week to both writing and drawing, so 60 hours of work a week. That’s quite substantial.
Going to Korea in a few weeks. Before then, I have to figure out how to fix the laptop, either that or just load up my work on an sd card and then transfer it back when I come back. Since I’m going to be gone for a while, I can’t afford to just loaf around the time. I’m not sure how much work I’ll get done, but I have to at least make the effort.
My goal for this week is to finish the small edits for THD #2 and send that off to Red by the end of this week. I did a lot of art today, so I’m going to try to spend the next few hours doing some writing work. Most importantly, I think I need to plot the Her Summer Boy story so I can start tomorrow or something. I already behind, fuuuuck. Just goes to show you that there’s no point in spending money in planners because I can’t maintain them more than a week.
Okay, it’s almost five, I’ll start now and try to finish by 7 or so. I woke up at 5 today, worked until 12 and took a long nap with one of our kitties and now…I’m trying to get some work done. Let’s do this!