SUMMER BOY sounds vaguely pedo…

Okay, so yesterday wasn’t a total wash. Using Gwen Hayes Romancing the Beat book, I got the basic story down for HER SUMMER BOY. Mmm…I dunno. Boy tends to have weird pedo tendencies? Maybe I ought to go with HER SUMMER LOVER. Well, that’s awfully cute. Maybe when I’m not too busy today, I’ll look for a stock photo that Nancy can use for the cover in the antho. But more importantly is finishing the darn story.
Meanwhile, I’ve got the figure out if this is going to be a 1st person or 3rd POV story.
First, I think I’m going to change this keyboard. I like the tactile sensation of typing on it, ┬ábut I don’t like the overall cheapness of the make and the fact that the skid-proof stickers aren’t…skid proof.
Okay, keyboard changed. The one I changed to is my mechanical one, and I don’t like how loud it is, but…eh. My shoulder aches a bit from continually having it up for the past three days of using the tablet. Today, I’m going to try to work on writing until 1 or 2, and then switch to drawing. I have to remember that writing is the job and drawing is the hobby, not the other way around. There’s no way I’m going to be able to pay for Dave’s beach house with drawing, but there’s a small chance I can buy it with my words.
I think.
I’m trying to find the right singer for Saku’s story. Kana Nishino sounds too young, but Hikaru Utada might be too old. I’m still on the fence with Miliya Kato. I know Koda Kumi is too old for this story. Well, not old, but more mature. Maybe it’s not JP songs that fit this story. When I was plotting this last night, I was listening to the most unlikely of inspiration: Berlin of Take My Breath Away fame.
I still don’t have a good feel for this story. Usually when I’m writing a story, I have a good feel for it. I can see it play in my head like a movie, but this one is tricky. I don’t know what Saku looks like. I vaguely remember her as wearing glasses and being slightly overweight? I think she’s younger in THD #1. Hm. Might have to re-read this part.
Okay, I’ve got the general beats down. Saku’s changed a bit since I’ve written her in the first THD book. I’ve got a better feel of Saku, but Jun is still a little mysterious to me. I had breakfast a little while ago, so I think I’ll be able to work for a while longer. I’m not sure when I want to go to the gym. Maybe I’ll go at around noon-ish, come home, have a shake and then do some art.
For now, I think I’m going to work on the chapter breakdown and maybe get in a couple hundred words of the first chapter. In order to make the 4/30 deadline, I need to get this book finished in two weeks or less. Yikes. Here goes nothing!