I took a four hour nap

So…my biggest achievement yesterday was taking a four hour nap. Yikes. But I managed to get some writing done and I figured out how to unbrick the cloudbook. The only problem is, the track pad stopped working. I’ve spent pretty much all of last night and this morning trying to find a fix. Also, I’m getting into Chihayafuru, but I think that’s because I just naturally like tsundere/megane characters. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to writing about Nobuki, although now I think I might have a problem writing about another megane character…because what if they’re too alike? (if you’re unsure of what tsundere and megane means, here’s the suitable wiki leaks! Tsundere / Megane)
For breakfast, I had a shake and some coffee and then for lunch, I had a whole wheat wrap with a cheese omelet and some tomato salsa. I feel pretty full. For dinner, I’m going to have the leftovers from yesterday. Considering that it’s already 1 and I’m going to eat around 5, I think my diet today is working! If I get hungry, around 3 or so, I’ll make a cherry tomato salad with olive oil, some vinegar, salt and pepper.
TRACKPAD WORKS NOW! It feels totally shitty, but it works and I live with that. I don’t have to spend money on a new laptop to take on my trip THANK GOD. (still want a new laptop, but won’t need one, maybe not until the summer when I decide that I want a better laptop that I can draw with.) I think the only thing I need now is a big capacity mini/sd card either 64gb or 128gb. Neither will be cheap, but it’ll be cheaper than buying a whole new laptop.
Also, I need to call ctrip and figure out what’s going on with my trip, since they kind of…canceled my return flight due to “political reasons”. I’ll have to do that today, but first I want to do some work.
First thing I want to do is…well, I was going to finish the chapter breakdown, but I got distracted with drawing and now it’s 3. Sigh.
Okay, I’m going to finish the chapter breakdown right now.