Early-onset Alzheimer’s is a real concern

Well, I honestly didn’t think I was going to get any work done today. Certainly I didn’t get anything done yesterday. Slept all day, pretty much did the same thing today. Went for a walk a little while ago with Dave and realized that he’s starting to lose patience with me and I have to start being tough about this writing business. Didn’t really have dinner; just some peanut butter, a granola bar and now I am eating some cherry tomatoes before I decide to move to the couch and try to do some work. Tomorrow morning I’m supposed to go to the gym at 6, which means that I’ll have to wake up at 5:15 or something like that. Nuts! I might have to make my shake before hand and keep it in the fridge overnight. Yeah…
I’ll need to pack my bag before hand too.
Okay, let me take care of three things:
1. Clean the litter box
2. Pack my gym bag
3. Make my shake
4. Look for a portable charger just in case I don’t charge my phone tomorrow morning.
Okay, back. It’s almost ten PM and I’ve gotten everything finished. Made a shake for breakfast, hung up the laundry to dry, got everything ready…except for setting my alarm. BRB. Jesus, I forgot that was what I was trying to do. BRB again.
Okay, got that settled. I swear to God, sometimes I really do worry about having early-onset Alzheimer’s, although this would be super, super early-onset, right?
I’m going to try to get some work done as far as writing goes. Tomorrow I will be super busy. I will wake up at 5:30, get to the gym by 6, come home around 7:30, have breakfast, work until 11:30, have lunch, go for a walk, hopefully get back to work by 1:30 or so, then finish everything at 4:30, have a quick dinner and then go to tutoring. Maybe I’ll go for a walk with Beka afterwards and then we’ll walk until 8:30, I’ll come home at 8:45 and then just do something relaxing until ten or so.
Tuesday might be the same, except for the no tutoring part. Also, I might come home a little sooner on Tuesday since the ayi is coming then.
I really need to finish editing THD #2. I’ll have to email Red about it if I can’t get it finished by Tuesday.
I’ll have to ask her for an estimate, just to make sure I can afford it, otherwise I’ll have to go to with Megan, even though I don’t like her as a person anymore. Sad.
Okay, that’s enough from me. Here’s to hoping I can get a few hundred words down before I close my laptop. Also, I’ve started working on my laptop, because lately it seems like I’m not getting a whole lot of work done on the desktop; too many distractions, imo.