A pretty nondescript day

It’s March. Last month I got around 45k in my word count, which isn’t half bad. I’m hoping to get twice that this month. That’ll be my goal.
That and getting THD #2 out on Amazon before April rolls around. Whew. I don’t know if I’ll do any promo for it. Also, I need to get another newsletter, this one for contemporary romance, as opposed to UF/Paranormal romance.
So much to do and yet so little time.
Today, I hope to do 6 sessions of writing and 4 sessions of editing. I think the most I ever got down was 4 sessions of writing.
Also, I have class at 6:30. We won’t be reviewing, so hopefully the kids will enjoy this class more. After lunch, I’ll go for a walk, come home and watch THE INVASION for some deconstruction work and then it’s back to work.
I’ve got Freedom blocking FB and I think, so far, it’s working well. I’m not on Facebook, duh, so that’s one less thing I have to worry about.
I started reading a Nora Roberts book, so my goal is to finish it today and then start on another book tomorrow. For the walk, I’ve downloaded a bunch of podcasts, so that’ll be pretty fun to do.
I want to get down 3 writing sessions before I start making lunch, but for now, I’m heating up a little rice to eat some chicken so I don’t have to worry about an empty stomach because it’s hard to keep writing or staying focus when you’re hungry.
I’m going to try to get down some words now before I eat and then another two before I break for lunch, so here gooooessss…!