Woke up at four. AGAIN.

Whelp…I’m up. Yay and it’s before 7. I might go for a walk after lunch, and tomorrow morning I’ll probably go to the gym around 8ish, but today, since I’ll lose a couple of hours due to teaching, I’m not doing a whole lot away from the computer.
Woke up around 4:54, kind of rolled my eyes “Of course” and then managed to close my eyes again and doze for another 1.5 hours.
Got my coffee with coconut oil so that’ll probably tide me over until 9 or so, upon which I’ll make a cheese omelet with toast and then I’ll work until noon, have a small lunch and then go for a walk for an hour. I’ll be back by 2 or so, so then I’ll spend about an hour reading romance (IT’S FOR RESEARCH AND STUDYING PURPOSES, DAMN IT) and then it’ll probably be three, so I’ll work for another hour, upon which I’ll make dinner and then get to my class. Not sure how I’ll feel afterwards, but it will be eight then, so maybe I’ll just spend the rest of the time with Dave. I might get a couple hundred words on the laptop, but who knows.
So according to this time frame, I will get about 4 hours of straight writing time, minimum. That means as long as I get 1.3k an hour, I can hit my minimum word count in order to finish writing SUMMER LOVER by this Sunday. So, that’s 650 words every half hour. I can do that. I can do that with my eyes closed…as long as I don’t let Sims distract me TOO much. But for the most part, it’s just there as background noise/kind of like an aquarium.
Also, yesterday, I got down a little more than 2k, so that’s good, woo. I’ve still got another 29k more to go, but as long as I can get 4k a day for the next 7 days, I’ll hit my goal. I’m still writing this in a semi linear format, although I may change it up if I ever get bored. But I have to remember…if I’m bored writing this, how will the readers feel? Will they not get bored too?
Okay, I’ve got to write now. Got to get 1.2k until 8 and I’ve got 45 minutes. Not quite Mission Impossible, I think. I’ll check in later around 3 ish to post progress. My plan for today is to get 5k no complaints or excuses!
UPDATE at 9:53am
Coming in at 9:53, with 7 more minutes in my break. I’ve got 2.3 down so far, with another 3 1-hour sessions left to complete. Hoping I can hit 3.6, so that’ll give me 5.9k before I call it a day today. I can do it! Stay focused!
So, from 4 til 5:30, I’m going to make dinner/eat dinner and then I’ll come home around 8ish, so until 10 or so, I’ll work on other projects like drawing or working some more on the Twine project for Zsuzsa.
I’ll come back at 12, hopefully with good news that I got 2.4k!
UPDATE at 3:54pm
So, I didn’t check in at 12, but I did hit my word count. Also, I decided that I was going to stick around for the final 3-4 spring, and I’m proud to say that today was a 6k day. Woo. And it didn’t even feel like it was hard work. Maybe it’s because I just worked at a leisurely pace. I fooled around a lot, played Sims while writing, even sang a bit and I still hit my 1.2k goal an hour. Kind of slow considering that I used to get that much in half that time, but if I can avoid carpal tunnel, I think I can live with that.
The main thing is, can I maintain this pace? I wrote 7-8, 8-9, had breakfast from 9-10, then I wrote from 10-11, 11-12 and then I had a break and ate food until 3 and then had my last writing session from 3-4. I can do more work, but I have class tonight. On the other hand, I won’t have class tomorrow, so I can probably do even more.
Tomorrow, will be a similar schedule. I hope I can get 6k again tomorrow!
As a side note, if I can keep writing 6k, I can finish the first draft in…4 days…so by Friday. Whew. Let’s see if I can say that I’m finished with this first draft by then!