Another 4:30 morning. FML.

Starting a little late today, even though I woke up earlier…as in I woke up around 4:30 and didn’t go back to sleep. Hopefully not going back to sleep doesn’t come back to bite me on the ass.
Just paid 60 bucks to pick up four course bundles regarding coding on Boing Boing. I definitely want to learn how to code, so I can freelance while writing, raising a kid and generally living overseas. Also, at some point, I do want to learn how to design apps and make games, so that’ll be something fun to do.
Yep, definitely going to start later today, but no class today, so that’s good. The ayi is here now, so I’m going to be kind of scatter-brained, but luckily for me, I’ve only got to write 1.2k an hour. I’ve got five writing sessions planned out for today:
8-9, 9-10, 11-12, 12-1 and 3-4. I should be getting 6k again today, with luck. Also, have to do the laundry, but luckily my food is cooked…kind of. Made banchan in the form of potato strips and eggplant stirfry, and there’s rice leftover from yesterday. I might go to Starbucks around noon for a change of pace…or not.
I’ve got Markiplier’s playthrough of Resident Evil playing in the background, so yeah, I’m definitely going to be distracted. Probably going to be just as distracting as playing Sims, or maybe not, since I don’t actually HAVE to do anything, but watch.
So yeah…600 words every half hour. That’s doable. Still, I’m going to take it half an hour at a time. If I work hard I can get 600 words every fifteen minutes, meaning I can fuck off every half hour, assuming I can get 1.2k every half hour. Probably can’t. If I just keep typing and don’t get too distracted, I should be able to get that much in 40 minutes or so.
I really hope I get the seat cushion today. Okay, I’ve got to start writing in five minutes, but boy am I not prepared. The 100 words are always super hard. Then the first 200 words. After the first 300 words, it gets a little easier, I think, but maybe things are different from time to time. Luckily, though, I still remember the bulk of what I wrote yesterday, so the story is still somewhat fresh in my mind.
One last Facebook check before Freedom shuts it down until 5pm.
Whelp…here goes. I’ll check back in at 10, hopefully with news that I managed to get 2.4k.
Okay, got a little less. Got 2.2k, so got 1k last session, but that was because the ayi was just leaving and I had to leave the desk for fifteen minutes so she could clean up the area. Not to mention, I got a little distracted going on Taobao. Still, not bad. Hopefully I can make up the 200 words next session after I get something to eat.